We are compiling a cookbook with the community’s favorite recipes and traditions and will be offering it as a fundraiser at our events this year. If we chose your recipe, you would get a by-line and room to tell us in a few short sentences why the recipe means something to you. It would be great if they were on-brand (meaning: Irish, Scottish, Welsh, etc.), but it is not necessary.

Other criteria and parameters:
1) All due by Tartan Day, April 6th, 2024
2) No duplicates- sorry we don’t want 20 different versions of haggis.
3) Has to be your recipe- seriously, we don’t want the recipe from the back of a package of chocolate chips.
4) While it doesn’t have to be ‘on-brand’ it would be great if the recipe could come from a grandmother, a great-great Aunt, or a neighbor your ancestors argued with in the Highlands.
5) Please send the recipes to us in digital form- a Word Doc would be ideal but we’ll take a PDF or JPG. Please try to avoid hard copy.
6) Pictures would be great to send along – we encourage it! But not necessary- but wouldn’t it be cool to include a picture of whomever perfected it? We think so!

Any questions or entries can be directed to flatheadcelticfestival@gmail.com