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from the Director’s Desk

Spring 2017- May-ish; The efforts of so many and the support of this Valley never ceases to amaze me. We’ve already done a pancake breakfast, whiskey tasting, and a benefit night at Backslope brewing and the support at each of these events has been wonderful. Next month we’ll be doing the parking lot sale at St. Matt’s in Kalispell and we’ve got some nice stuff to sell. It’s always a relaxed and fun event so we’ll be excited to do it.

April- Whiskey tasting this month. First time the festival has tried this one out with our supporters and we have already gotten a great response. Kelly Murphy from Murphy’s Liquor store

January 2017- We’re starting earlier this year with our efforts, which will hopefully mean more fundraisers and opportunity to build our festival. The same great group of people are back in action and our Board is motivated and ready to do new and great things this year. Hopefully the process of setting up and applying for 501c3 status won’t be too arduous. We’ll see…