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Support the Festival

Looking for small ways to support the festival? Here are some ways that you can make an impact and assure that this great cultural event returns for a year or two!



You can help just by shopping!

    • Shop at Smith’s grocery store and have a reward card? Click here to learn how that could help the Festival!

  •                                                                                                                 Use Amazon Smile; just click the logo and log into your account. After you choose us as your target donor, just shop away!



Come to a Fundraiser- we have something happening every quarter, if not more often. If you don’t see something you like, why not coordinate an event? We’ll help!



Volunteer at any of our events or for the Big Event in September.

Opportunities include;

  • Year round; Marketing, Serve on the Board,  Graphic designer, fundraising event help, donations, Music and entertainment, and more!

  • Festival; Info Tent Coordinator, Parking attendant, stage coordinator, Grounds attendant, vendor coordination, and more!